City of Seagraves Police Department

This page is brought to you by the men and women of the Seagraves Police Department. We invite you to take a few minutes to browse our information and learn about the our department and the services we provide.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let us hear from you. We continuously add new and updated information, both here and on Facebook, so please check back often.

We have long recognized that the exchange of information between the police department and community plays a vital role in our success to lower the crime rate, make the community safer and prepare for the continued growth our community is experiencing. Online is just one way for us to share with you – you are still invited to call us or come by and speak to any of the officers.

Our Mission and Vision

It is the purpose of the Seagraves Police Department to protect lives, property, and provide high quality emergency services to all citizens of Seagraves, Texas in a professional and respectful manner, while reducing crime, the fear of crime, and developing a police – citizen partnership directed at problem solving.

Vision Statement

The Seagraves Police Department vision is twofold:

  1. That all people within the City of Seagraves feel safe in their homes and businesses.
  2. Continue to develop a professional police organization through training, education, and hard work that will recognize us as one of the top law enforcement agencies in West Texas.

All members of the SGPD must realize that integrity is a valuable commodity to be protected at all cost. Honesty will always be the guide in dealing with the community and with each other.


We must recognize that our success is dependent upon the trust and confidence of the citizens of our community and fellow officers, and we shall always engage in behavior that is beyond reproach. We will remain forever committed to the highest level of standards within the law enforcement profession.


All members shall recognize that their allegiance is first to the community, then to the department's mission and then to the government agency that employs them. Commitment to the department must be over and above that of any individual member of the department.


Officers must meet all challenges, all adversity, and every level of danger with recognition of the higher standards for which we are accountable. Each officer must be able to control his/her fear for the safety of themselves and those we serve. We will support each other at all times for the common safety of all involved.


The role of the police department is to resolve conflict through impartial enforcement of the law, not through the burden of judgment or punishment. All victims, complainants, witnesses and other deserving people shall be treated with compassion.


Law enforcement and public safety are of community-wide concern; thus we must actively build effective working relationships with the citizens of Seagraves to prepare for ongoing growth, promote pride in our city, this agency, and our profession.


We must understand the importance of community values and expectations, be responsive to the concerns of all citizens and encourage all officers to expand their role in helping the community develop into a better place to live.


Police Officers shall be aware of the extent and the limitation of their authority in the enforcement of the law, and shall endeavor to uphold the spirit of the law, as opposed to merely enforcing the letter of the law. All officers will ensure that all people are treated fairly and equally.

Preserve / Advance

The department shall uphold this country's democratic values as embodied in the Constitution and dedicate ourselves to the preservation of life, individual freedom, and justice for all.