City of Seagraves Water Department


Effective October 1, 2010
Water Meter Deposit: $100.00
Reconnect Fee: $75.00


Special Notices
Texas Water Development Board

Sept 17, 2021 - Statement of Findings


What You Can Do to Control the Mosquito Population
  • Mow tall weeds and grass as short as possible.
  • Empty water from all outdoor containers, such as tires, pots, pools, any container that can hold water (Mosquito breeding grounds).
  • Wear long sleeves and pants while outside.
  • Limit outside activities: Don’t go out in the mornings before 10am and evenings after 8pm when mosquitos are most active.
  • Use mosquito repellants with small quantities of Deet (Read labels before using on young children and infants).

Thank You for Your Participation!